What is one of the most expensive things that you've ever bought for yourself?

There really are not all that many things that I would consider expensive that I’ve bought solely for myself; most of those I’ve either shared with someone or bought for someone else.  But I think the purchase that best answers the question was my 1997 Pontiac Firebird.  It was just the base model with a 200 horsepower V-6 engine, 5-speed manual transmission and silver paint job.  I bought it from the now-closed Rodgers Pontiac on South Main Street in Dayton, Ohio, and the test drive was memorable, at least for the salesman.  We took it out and I headed over to I-75 to feel how it handled on the highway.  But instead of gunning the engine as the salesman expected, I just smoothly merged and went a few miles at the speed limit.  I really just wanted to test the car for comfort, but I guess most forty-year-old men looking at buying a sports car are having a midlife crisis and want to feel the power.  That wasn’t me.  I found the Firebird’s seats to be extremely comfortable and that sold me.  

The best feature of the car was its t-top roof.  You released a latch on each side, removed each half and stored them in the trunk.  It made the car look and feel like a convertible and I got quite a few “cool car” comments.  One of my favorite Friday summertime habits was cutting a cigar at work around 3:00 pm.  After gnawing on it for a couple hours, I’d leave work, light up as soon as I left the building and walked to the Firebird.  I’d put the t-tops in the trunk and enjoy a nice ride in the country, puffing all the way home.  

While most cars I bought were shared in one fashion or another, only I drove the Firebird.  Not because I was selfish, but no one else knew how to drive a stick.  That made it exclusively mine, and it remains the favorite car I’ve ever had.  


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