Tell me your favorite story about Moses

Moses was the perfect cat.  He was loving, at least to humans, and everyone adored him.  I would take him to appointments at the vet and he would walk down the check-in desk where all the staff would pet him to his delight and there’s.  He never weighed more than eight pounds even though I kept his food dish full all the time.  He ate when he was hungry or when I opened his favorite treat, a can of tuna fish.  

Moses was also a fierce hunter.  When I moved into a new apartment, he spent the first couple of days getting rid of every ant and spider he could find.  He could easily jump six feet in the air and I once saw him clear a six-foot fence with graceful ease as some neighborhood dog gave a fruitless chase.  He only had claws on his rear feet, but that combined with his teeth were more than enough to take out his prey.  Combined with remarkable see-in-the-dark abilities, he would routinely disappear for hours and that leads to my favorite story.

I rented a house in Kettering for a short time and after ridding it of insects, Moses somehow found a way to get into the ductwork.  I could tell where he was as his feet moved on the thin aluminum and he would reappear, covered in dust, a few hours later, several times bringing a dead mouse with him to proudly lay at my feet.  How he could see from inside the ductwork is a mystery, but even crazier is that he would routinely jump down into sewer drains, spend hours doing who-knows-what, then come back inside and spend a few more hours licking himself clean.

Moses lived a long and happy life and now rests under a tree in my former house in Bellbrook, where I buried him amid a stream of tears.

I still miss my “little buddy in the purring business”.


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